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skyrim uncheck nexus mods


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btw how do i stop skyrim from uncheck nexus mods everytime i play it it starts to uncheck nexus mods

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Please provide a little more information.

What version of the game are you on? What mod manager do you use? Is it specific mods from nexus that get disabled?

The in-game mod/data list is known to do that sort of thing when you access it, so it's recommended not to. Do all your mod managing externally.

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If you are using SSE Engine Fixes, a few settings in the EngineFixes.toml file need to be changed with the latest Skyrim update to prevent it from disabling mods when playing Skyrim.

Set the following to false:

EnableAchievementsWithMods = false
SaveAddedSoundCategories = false
SaveScreenshots = false

That should fix the issue if it's coming from SSE Engine Fixes.

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it indeed booted thanks i do have a few troubles i like to get fixed but those for different topics

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