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Tamriel World space Grid Map Version 2 Most Mods active


This export to jpg has all the mods I've mapped so far + UL and HESU data provided by Vorians, because he is cool like that.

============== The point of this project ==============

The main goal is to illustrate a new way of thinking about load orders from a mod users perspective. And by extension maybe inspire greater, more smarter, minds to develop a utility that can do this for all the Bethesda games that use similar mechanics. There is this project: Mod Mapper It though is Skyrim Centric and doesn't seem ready for Beyond Skyrim nor Skyblivion.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a utility that can read the tamriel world space cells affected by mods and provide a cell grid map with all loaded plugins coloring cells that are affected? This could provide a quick visual reference for

- Finding cells that have conflicts.

- Determining which mods are preferred.

- Building load orders that don't require as many patches (if two mods don't overlap then you are probably not going to need a patch).

This doesn't do that. Nope ... this is all the result of caffeine and just rolling up sleeves to do this work that most told me was a huge waste of time. Still I persevered because I wanted to illustrate this notion and promote this as a needed tool for mod authors and users alike. It is kind of a waste of time for Oblivion as the mod scene not that active, but I've heard that there are more games coming like a starfield. I've not even touched fallout 4 but you get the idea. There are more games.

============== If there is interest in viewing this file ==============

Just let me know and I will make a release version. As it is I've mapped most of the mods that have large impacts on the Tamriel world space. to include infrastructure, roads, trails, shipping, farms, and especially villages and added towns and cities. Also I've mapped out all the guards, imperial fortifications, and forts altered by mods along those military lines. Vorians provided overlays for UL and HESU as well as gave me pointers and template to work with ... so thanks man.

I could also detail the use of overlays. All of these are highlights set as an individual layer for each plugin/mod. The highlight is added as an overlay in the background. I followed the color scheme I got from Vorians, but to a point. He had been coloring UL and HESU as green. So infrastructure is in Blue and military in tan/orangish color, dungeons will be brown, and quest mods will be purple ... maybe red. I was considering changing UL and HESU to yellow, but the combo with infrastructure would be a green, which kinda gives the signal of all good to go, so just avoiding that. The areas that are bright blue means more than one mod of the same type is additively illustrated.

The base color once laid down cannot be changed, to my knowledge. That would be cool, but the colors can be adjusted by changing the overlay type. Consider that all the infrastructure mods were laid down with the same color and adjusted by changing the overlay type.

What makes this ideal is that you can turn the layers on/off to match your wanted load order.

============== Help Needed ==============

The future goals besides just adding more mods is to also include a map and an extended grid to include all of the TWMP project of provinces and the maps of those areas. The whole of Tamriel.   

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