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The Coffee House - Now Open to the Public


So, the mess from the private party has been cleaned up (and what a mess Etienne and his friends made!), and the Coffee House is now officially open for business: https://www.afkmods.com/index.php?/files/file/2483-the-coffee-house/


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The Coffee House

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I dig the architecture, brother.  Looks an awful lot like Bee and Barb yet does have it's own deco design to set it apart.  I like that it's vanilla models.  That makes for higher compatibility and no performance hit for texture load times.  You had a hell of a shin dig for a pre-opening gala.  Thanks for the invite.  I enjoyed it thoroughly.:beer: 

There is only one concern I have... location.  There is plenty of room for the mod and no other completing mods in that area of which I am aware yet  that may be for good reason...  Coffee House sits adjacent to a dragon mound and no fewer than three world encounter points.  Have you addressed perimeter security at all?  This is technically in WR hold so you could always have some WR guards outside or I was thinking a patch for Dawnguard Sentries SE might be a better option.  They offer great protection without representing law and order... so, no getting flack for gagging your lolly or public nudity or public drunkenness or any of the other typical guard harassment.  However, I'd be willing to wager that a place like this would prefer to have it's own Coffee Guard rather than relying on outside aid.

I took a snapshot of the Coffee House's surroundings from https://srmap.uesp.net/  It clearly shows the relationship to the dragon mound and three world encounter points (the bright green dots) that are right in the Coffee House's yard.  WEP's are random spawns that generate anything from wolves, to skooma dealers, to bandits, to sabercats, skeevers and bears, to dragons... depending on luck of the draw and any mods installed.  I am using a few dragon mods this play and already had one random dragon spawn when returning to Helgen on an alt start.  This was even before I saw Alduin!  Immersive for me?  Hell yes!  Potentially deadly to the Coffee House patrons... Hell yes to that too!  Hahaha:rofl: 

Love the mod!  Took a DL and will give it a go.  Just thought you may wish to add a few guards to the perimeter for defense considering the proximity of potential danger. :starwars:

Adventure ever on dear friend, Phat:highfive:


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Hi Phat!  Yup, and the encounter locations add to the flavor - but it is up to the player to provide security for themself and their own people; the Coffee House itself (lorewise) is not bothered by hostiles - as everyone needs a place to stop off and relax - so no one wants to get on the Inn's bad side - LOL!  And, the people who work the Inn are a pretty tough bunch themselves, and are more than capable of handling any difficulties - from the occasional drunken patron to any bandits or creatures rash (or foolish) enough to cause trouble.


So, you could say the chance of having encounters in the immediate area is a positive feature - which is what I think and seems to be what you found it to be as well.

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Oh, and it is exactly the Bee and Barb - just the decorations have been changed and added to.  And it is amazing how well it looks and fits in the location.  As to vanilla, from the very first that was my intent - to add it with the minimum disruption of vanilla landscape and with the maximum compatibility for all players regardless of their mod build.  In that, I think I have succeeded.

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My tribe and I are at no disadvantage in combat and happy to join in the fray should any trouble arise.  We just call it fun! Haha:lmao:

I like the location for it's crossroads location.  It is close enough to the Reach border  and a great spot to stop en route to Whiterun, Haafingar, Morthal (if traveling via road rather than directly overland) and Markarth.  Have you considered adding a Hearthfire style carriage stop at some point?  That is just another idea I had here, thinking out loud.  Not saying you should or have to... just thinking out loud.

Again, great job, brother.  Love it!:highfive:

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Actually, Avrie (who with me created and developed the idea for the Inn), will be doing an expansion, which should add some interactions and some add-ons.  So we are open to suggestions as to what might benefit the Inn.

As to what is contemplated being added, I will leave that for him to say - don't want to spoil things by giving away the Cat's secrets for his Inn expansion - LOL! 

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Secrets are fine.  Saves on explaining why you said "this will be included" then having to recant because it was a total PITA to do!  Hahaha:rofl: 

Still say half a dozen guards would be a worthwhile addition with three on, three off and a shack in the back for them to nap between shifts or a bunk room in the basement as barracks.  Also, a carriage stop might be nice.  Those are just my random thoughts on the matter.  When I share ideas you are always free to use or discard them as you see fit.  I am honestly just thinking out loud or rather in type as it were...  haha:lmao: 

I went on about this being a great crossroads location and totally forgot to mention Falkreath!  Bad Phat!:whip:Okay... Falkreath mentioned...  

Also forgot to post the song that was playing on the jukebox in my mind as I typed today's messages...

Adventure ever on brother, Phat:highfive:

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Great song - and what I think of whenever I write the words 'the crossroads' - LOL!

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4 minutes ago, smr1957 said:

Great song - and what I think of whenever I write the words 'the crossroads' - LOL!

Great minds think alike, right?:beer:  

I was all of two when the song released.  Fortunately, it got a lot of radio play in the 70's:firerabbit:  The 1970's are my favorite decade for music.:wub:

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