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And sometimes, memories of the past return to haunt the present...
© Steven Ross

And sometimes, memories of the past return to haunt the present...



© Steven Ross
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The Adventures of Etienne

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Nice library!:highfive:  Phat highly approves! :)

Needs some books though...  The shelves are rather bare.  Haven't asked you how you feel about using console commands before or even if you are on PC to be able to use them... But, here goes... Phat's favorite cheat to fill my ever growing collection of homes with expansive libraries...

There are a number of ways to get books in game.  Pretty sure you already know all of the legitimate, vanilla methods like court mages, general merchants, Urag and (ugh, what a core) finding them in the world space...  Meh... This is the "I want to fill my entire library, right now!" method.:lmao:

You can summon books individually but it takes a long time.  There's a Dwemer chest you can summon for all skill books, many of which are rather thick and can clog your shelves... I've even had the full shelves explode out onto the floor with too many copies of Wolf Queen, Madmen of the Reach and other too thick titles.  You can summon All Books too.  But, there are a bunch of journals, notes and cut content materials in that chest that can cause trouble if introduced into the active game.  Sure, you can coc qasmoke and find a single copy of these chests I'm telling you about.  But, you only get one copy per saved game down there.  None of that respawns down there to my knowledge.  So... what is the best, fastest, easiest way to fill our libraries? 

Spell Tomes!  Yes, Spell Tomes...  They are colorful and look great on display, they are the perfect width to fill your shelves to max capacity without the thick volume bunching/explosion factor and you don't need to sort a thing!  Oh... and if you are concerned about cheating, clear any legitimately obtained spell tomes from you inventory before proceeding.  Otherwise, I leave it to you as to what you do with your new found skills :)  TBH, I have a chest in Farangar's bedroom and another behind Sven's and his mother's home in Riverwood that has them all too.  Yes, Phat is a big, fat cheater!  Hahaha:rofl:  We'll be here all night if I list all my cheats but I'll freely share them another time if you are interested.  I've beaten this game sufficient times on all difficulties so now I start off between level 50 and 70 with all my skills and perks fully buffed.  Phat hates grinding.:facepalm:


one:  Stand in a fairly open area, like the expanse of floor behind Etienne right now.

two:  press the tilde key (shift has no effect, both ~ and ` work equally well.)  Tilde serves as the open/close button for the console command area.  It even works with a controller.  I use an Xbox 1 model myself.  You can hit it a few times to get a feel for it.  Press once open, press again and it closes, regular gameplay resumes.

three:  Once you press tilde to open the command entry screen, type this...

help "all spell"

press enter and view your search results.  That particular search should only list one result, the Dwemer looking chest that contains all spell tomes in Skyrim.  There're others for DLC. 

four:  In your search results you will see the item description followed by the eight character ID nomenclature of the chest of tomes... FYI:  This search method works for any and every item whether vanilla or mod added.

Type this...

player.placeatme XXXXXXXX 1

replacing the X's with the eight character ID.  This might be easier if I teach you a quick command I have memorized to summon septims...  The code for money, funds, finances, gold, dinero, cash, coin or whatever you wish to call it in every BGS game I've ever played is 0000000f

So, to get all the money you need or want type...

player.additem 0000000f 555

Once you press enter that command drops 555 gold septims in your inventory.  Yes, this can break the game's entire economy if misused.  Now ask me if I really care...  Meh... Phat cheats.

Any leading zeroes at the front of an ID can be omitted and still works, just few keystrokes.  Like this...

player.additem f 555

Also adds 555 gold to your inventory with seven fewer keystrokes.  None of that has anything to do with spell tomes, just covering the basics of how to enter a command.  Now that you know this one, you can add any quantity of any item to your inventory at any time.  Just search for the item and enter the code.

The player.placeatme command is not much different.  The item(s) just spawn at the player's feet rather than inventory.  Otherwise, they are pretty much the same.  You can use player.place at me to put npc's and test enemies at your location too... Just be wary of where they spawn.  The summoned thing will most likely spawn behind you!  Summon a box of books?  No worries.  Summon a dragon or six?  Be ready to turn and fight!  Hahaha:rofl:  Okay... Phat is rambling again...

Anyway... moving right along... you just typed in player.placeatme, the ID code for the item and the last place is the quantity.  This is also consistent across all items you can summon to inventory or in your presence using these commands.

Once you enter that command, the item will appear at your heels.  Just press tilde again to exit command mode, turn around, open it and take your loot! :) 


Once you have removed the contents of the book chest, you need to get rid of the evidence... er... empty box:lmao:  SO MAKE A HARD SAVE NOW!

After you have emptied the contents and made a hard save, press tilde again to open the command screen.

With the mouse (also works with controller enabled) locate the item you need to remove, in this case the eviden... ahem... empty box and click it to highlight that instance of the item.  It no longer has the same ID.  The ID you see at the time is specific to that instance of that box.  That is why it is very important to save before completing this step... just in case you clicked the wrong item.  I have accidentally removed carpets, fog, furniture, followers, walls... yeah... it took me a while to get a handle on this and still occasional misfire...  That is why I usually click the item I intend to remove a few times in different location on the item, just to be certain.  But, if you accidentally mess up, just reload the save and everything is restored as it was.  So, make sure to drop a fresh save every time before performing the next part...

five b:  Once you save, locate and click the item to be removed, type...


And, press enter

press tilde one last time to return to your regular gameplay.

The empty box, in this case, will vanish and you can now store all of your newly acquired volumes on your shelves :)  Ooops!  I just disabled my desk, my carpet, Inigo... whatever...  That is why I typed that you should make a save in screaming capital letters.  Skip that step at your potential peril.  Even if you have a natural knack for this, you will eventually misfire and remove something you would've rather kept.  Trust me... been there, done that, hope for no repeats but always make the save first.

Easy, right?  Just takes a few times to get it down.  But, even once you feel comfortable make sure to save before entering the disable command. 

Shampoo, rinse, repeat as many times as needed to fill your bookshelves and presto!  Instant library with no over crowning, no thin little notes and journals looking all pathetic on the shelf... just lovely volumes in full color :)  If you really want your libraries to look their best I do recommend Book Covers Skyrim:  https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/901

It pained me to pull it from my LO on the laptop because I do enjoy reading the many texts in game.  The colorful covers make them look rather elegant and distinguished too.  It was causing a bit of lag on that machine because Phat is not only a big fat cheater, I am also a total mod hoarding piggie!  Hahaha:rofl:

Hope this helped... that was an awful lot in one go, even for my overly verbose self.  If you have question, just ask.  I'm disabled and retired.  So, I have my games and my friends.  I will gladly help in any way I can, whenever I can.  I'm in my fifth year in SSE now, over four using mods, played thousands of hours and it is still my favorite game of all time because of the vast expanse of what we can do here.  When you are stuck in bed all day, it is easy to adventure vicariously in Skyrim, especially with the plethora of mods I have used and the new ones I have yet to try.  I used to hike and mountain bike between 10-20 miles per day, sometimes more.  They were all little adventures for me... like Huck Finn out exploring.  Now I do the same thing in game.  So, I've made my home here.  This is where my friends are too.:beer:Cheers!

Adventure ever on dear friend, Phat:blackhand:

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Oh, meant to ask before all that rambling on...

Where is Etienne in this image?  It looks like a lovely home. :)  If it is a free mod that does not require CC or AE then I would love to see it in my game :) 

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That is Etienne sitting at the desk - that is from my previous build just before I lost everything - so real life sort of entered into this pic.

Am on PC, but do not use console commands (except for the very rare additem for some mod added wardrobe items so I don't level up too much by crafting them - and then deduct gold from my inventory to account for the "purchase").

That home is The Northern Star - Revisited by ArchimageKhan


On the north shore by the Sea of Ghosts, just west of Dawnstar and the troll lair.  I use the one moves the bandit camp a little further away


As for me, I've been active in the Steam Skyrim forums for years - one of the main people there. Long ago in the board gaming era I actually worked as a game designer/developer for a short while - company called Simulations Publications, Inc - or just SPI - which, at one time, was the largest wargaming company there was.

And my interest in gaming never flagged.  As for my game, it is really not Skyrim anymore, nor a game - it is The Adventures of Etienne - and basically a real world simulator - LOL!  2245 total mods, with 1642 plugins merged down to 245 .esm/.esp and 39 .esl files (so far, I intend to cap the build off with another 70 mods or so, and then it will be done - but right now I'm in no rush).  And, most importantly, completely stable and no CTDs or any other anomalies.

Really just started being more active here in AFK some months ago when I got annoyed with all the nonsense being posted in the Steam forums and decided to take a break. for a short while - (yeah, it was like 2 days - LOL!) - find it more relaxing here - being active over at Steam is more like work at times (even though I love helping people there).  Not much more to tell about me, really (well, there is, but I don't like to bore people all at one go - I like to spread it out more over time - LOL!

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And yes, Skyrim is the perfect escape.  When I walk along the river road leaving Riverwood and head west, or along the road by Lake Ilinalta, the sounds bring me back to when I lived in New Jersey, as well as when I was younger, and the sounds as I would walk in the woods there.  And, of course, If I want to go anyplace, I don't have to worry about buying a plane ticket, or driving - I just get on my horse and ride, and bring my companions with me.

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