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Fallout 4 2021-10-09 00-00-03


Great, my whole introduction text on the first picture of this game vanished.
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And the second also. There seems to be a limit for the description text. Ok, quick introduction, Kate, joined the Minutemen not long ago, lived in a small community just outside the Commonwealth, first mission was Quincy, barely made it out alive, followed a small group that escaped but had to climb up the highway to take care of her wounds, has now decided to explore the Commonwealth and look for other Minutemen.

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Great character choice :)  Bet Kate makes the rank of general in record time!  hahaha:lmao:  Seriously... great choice.

Quincy is a rough place to start the game!  There's serious gunner activity there... just too damned many of them for level one IMHO!  Well played just making it out alive!  Did she manage to recover Baker's Fat Man or any of the power armor?  Either would make it a miracle run early on!  Regardless of loot gained or missed, just escaping that mess alive is an achievement in the early game.  Hell... heading for Quincy before level 20 is generally a suicide run!  Well played dear friend!

Adventure ever on, Phat:blackhand:

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7 hours ago, phatbassanchor said:

Hell... heading for Quincy before level 20 is generally a suicide run!  Well played dear friend!

You give me to much credit. :redface: This is Start-me-up mod and the startig location is on the highway monitoring Quincy. Everything else is character customisation with Cheat Terminal and backstory in my head. :innocent:

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I get it... like Arthmoor's Alternate Start-Live Another Life for Skyrim...  Okay.  

I think that is still a rather dangerous starting location.  There are a lot of enemies between Quincy and anything resembling safety.  Rotzi characters are still "A" number one bad@$$ hotties to me!:highfive:

Adventure on dear friend, Phat:blackhand:

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