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Acid Soaker that does not suck WIP
© InsanePlumber

Acid Soaker that does not suck WIP


Working ReMesh of Acid Soaker still WIP.
Click on the picture to enlarge it is a GIF.
For some reason, it changes only after magnification.


Suggestions welcome.


© InsanePlumber

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Insane Fallout 4

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If you're looking for ideas or comments: Neither steel nor brass are really acid resistant, but brass is worse by orders of magnitude. Glass, plastic or ceramics are what you would actually be using.

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If you're looking for ideas or comments...

I'm starting work on a version made of ceramics and plastic.

Magazine (container for acid) remains made of glass.


Thank you for your suggestions.

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Best choice is glass.


Copper will do it for all mineral acids except nitric, concentrated sulfuric (100% sulfuric acid does oxidize copper, but loses this ability when just a little diluted) and mixtures such as aqua regia.


Most polymers ("plasrics") are not acid resistant either but will slowly deteriorate over time because of additive leaching.

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