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Title: Sadrith Mora Dock Walkway

Version: 0.1

Author: Leonardo

Great House Fliggerty



Sadrith Mora Dockway Walkway


This mod is what it is just a walkway along the Sadrith Mora Docks and it ends near to north western entrance next to the Telvanni Council Hall entrance.

The reason I created the dock walkway is simple, because I was annoyed that I always need to walk through market every time I came by boat to the Telvanni Council Hall regardless if I wanted to start a new quest or to finish a quest.

Of course there are other reasons too why a dock walkway was needed.


Morrowind and the expansions Tribunal, Bloodmoon (just for the benefits of better scripting)


Just extract the archive in Wrye Mash then active the Dock Walkway_No Building.esp plugin.


0.1 Initial release (briefly tested in-game with one companion in tow and that was successful)

-Known Conflicts/Issues

None. Let me know if there are any conflicts.

Any mod that edit these exterior cells (Sadrith Mora 17,4 and Sadrith Mora 17,5) could conflict and if it does then load this mod after the other mod since there are no modified script added to this mod (only vanilla scripts for the laterns in CS).

-Contact Info

I can be contacted via PM on these forums and my username is 'Leonardo':

BethSoft forum, Great House Fliggerty, TES Alliance, AFK Mods, The Assimilation Lab


You are free to do whatever you want except for uploading this mod to Morrowind.Nexus since I'm rarely visiting Nexus forums or uploading the mod to other sites without first being contacted.

If you want to use for your own project then go ahead and make your mod.

Just a small mod I decided to share. Enjoy!

What's New in Version 0.1


  • 0.1 - Initial release (briefly tested in-game with one companion in tow and that was successful)

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