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A Matter of Time - Seasons of Skyrim 1.0.0

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About This File

The correct season icon will now be displayed for A Matter of Time and Seasons of Skyrim. Loose file, No ESP

Colored season icons not included yet, sorry! I just added colors to the image to make it look better :) Colored icons are planned.

Announcements/Discussion/Support Topic
Feel free to add comments directly to this file. This is just a dedicated topic:


If you use a seasons/weather mod which doesn't display the correct season icon, please let me know and I'll provide a patch for you.

Load Order
Load after A Matter of Time & Seasons of Skyrim

Please see the main image for an example. I took a screenshot of the widget I use in all of the different months/seasons.
See below for the widget settings I use.

My A Matter of Time Widget Settings
These are the settings I use for the widgets displayed in the main image:

  • General
    • Symbol 1 (Show, Symbol Theme = Sky Dial, rest unchecked)
    • Symbol 2 (Show, Symbol Theme = Moon and Seasons, Moon phases unchecked, show seasons checked)
    • In-Game Clock (Show, 12 hours, show seconds unchecked)
    • Real Life Clock disabled
    • In-Game Date (Show, Date format = Tamriel DOW, DD MONTH, YEAR)
    • Real-Life Date disabled
  • Display
    • Symbol 1 (100, 100, Left, Top, 10, 10)
    • Symbol 2 (90, 100, Left, Top, 59, 52)
    • In-Game Clock (100, 100, Left, Top, 10, 85)
    • n-Game Date (100, 100, Left, Top, 10, 105)
  • Note I use a 1920x1080 resolution so you may need to make adjustments.
  • Also you can disable Symbol 2 on the General page and check the Seasons for the first symbol. That seasons icon is a little bigger and from my testing doesn't need to be repositioned.

Seasons - Seasons of Skyrim
These are the months & seasons in Seasons of Skyrim:

  • Morning Star - Winter (January)
  • Sun's Dawn - Winter (February)
  • First Seed - Spring (March)
  • Rain's Hand - Spring (April)
  • Second Seed - Spring (May)
  • Midyear - Summer (June)
  • Sun's Height - Summer (July)
  • Last Seed - Summer (August)
  • Hearthfire - Autumn (September)
  • Frostfall - Autumn (October)
  • Sun's Dusk - Autumn (November)
  • Evening Star - Winter (December)


  • SkyAmigo - For A Matter of Time - A HUD clock widget and giving me permission to release this patch!
  • A Matter of TIme Graphics (from A Matter of Time credits):
    • SkyAmigo
    • MrJack - SkyDial
    • Moosetrax - Astrolabe grafics and splash logo
    • Sjors_Boomscors - Season icons
    • Assets from those authors had to be reincluded in this mod. If any of these authors want this mod to be taken down, just let me know.
  • powerofthree - Seasons of Skyrim - No SOS assets are included in this patch
  • darkrain261 - Their instructions on the posts of the Matter of Time mod on where to make this change.

Edited by RaddusX

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