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Junk's Riverwood 1.0.0

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About This File

I have seen other Riverwood mods out there that "enhance" or "fix" Riverwood. They're great. But, as usual, I had to make my own.
I modded Riverwood from the bridge to just outside of the far gate, and from the mountains on the left to the mountains on the right.
I fixed any floating objects, fixed improper landscape textures, and then added plants and trees.

Fixed all pyramids in landscape.
Fixed some missing/wrong landscapes textures.
Added grass.
Fixed all floating objects.
Added pine trees.
Added custom-made bush.
Added custom-made apple tree.
Added cattails.
Added ivy.
Added hanging moss.
Added lavender.
Added snow berries.
Added custom-made grass clumps.
Added 2 more chickens to the pen area.
Added hay scatter and 2 more chicken nests to chicken nest haypile.
Added custom-made lamp posts.
Attached DefaultDisableHavocOnLoad script on all baskets, buckets, kettles and axe in town. (I'm clumsy!)
Replaced 2 handcarts with collision (handcart01) with static handcarts (handcart02).
Added a small table and a bottle of mead for the poor guy working the sawmill all day.
Added frogs and crickets sounds.

Fixed all floating objects.
Fixed fire by replacing logs with custom mesh from my "Middle Earth" and FXFireWithEmbersLite.
Removed 2 strange floating wreaths.
Attached Bethesda's DefaultDisableHavocOnLoad script on kettle and pot near fire. (Again, I'm clumsy!)

I did not touch any navmesh, NPCs, markers or packages or any other interior cells.



None known.
Compatible with "Skyrim Flora Overhaul".

Thank you "Ray2NJ" for just being plain ole awesome brother!
Thank you "Arthmoor" for this site.

You may NOT use any part from this mod for any purpose without written consent from myself (Junk @ JunksMods).
I am sharing this mod here exclusively at AFK Mods.
Do not upload this mod (or any of my mods for that matter) in part or in full to any other site. (That includes the Nexus that already stole my work.)
Remember, Jesus is watchin'! And so am I.......

Edited by JunksMods

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