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Fence? No Fence! 1.0.0

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About This File

The Fence perk has always bothered me, and I should have ported this mod to SE a long time ago, but never came around to do so.

If your character enters a city, town or village with loads of stolen wares, none of the guards will arrest your character, but merchants know exactly which wares are stolen. How? Were they present when your character stole those wares? If so, why didn't they report them? If your character is caught in the act steeling wares, they are arrested by guards, send to prison or have to pay a fine and the stolen wares are confiscated. If the guards don't know, the merchants don't know. Actually nobody knows! Period.


This mod only requires the base game (Skyrim.esm and Update.esm), Skyrim Special Edition. This mod is an ESL-flagged ESP.

The Fence perk is one of the first two perk in the Speech skill tree you can unlock. The Master Trader perk does not require the Fence perk, but will now require the Investor perk.

This mod will most probably conflict with any mod that changes the skill trees, at least if the Speech skill tree has been changed. 

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You are not allowed to upload this mod to other websites!

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