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Junk's Haunted Mansion 1.0.2

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I put a lot of work (but had a ton of fun) into building this.

This adds a small mansion just across the way from the Old Hroldan Inn.

The mansion has been abandoned for good reason. Find out why.

NOTE: Just be sure to do another walk through the house after you "cleanse" it. Many things change throughout while you advance.

This mod is focused on being clean and free from errors and touching any Bethesda files. It has no mannequins, weapon plaques, added BS clutter, etc. All custom furniture and most parts.




None known.


Arthmoor for this awesome site!

Ray2NJ for testing and just being plain ole awesome!

Bethesda for the crappy engine






Resident Evil (All of 'em!)

Disney's Haunted Mansion

The Ghost and Mr. Chicken (If you haven't seen the movie, or don't even know who the "F" Don Knotts is, look it up!)



You may NOT use any part from this mod for any purpose without written consent from myself (Junk @ JunksMods).

Do not upload this mod (or any of my mods for that matter) to any other site. (That includes the Nexus that already stole my work.)

Remember, Jesus is watchin'! And so am I.......

Edited by JunksMods

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