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Old Marine Tweeks, CC AMR 3.0.0

Scythe Bearer

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About This File

A Anti-Material Rifle is designed to engage and disable or destroy light to medium armored vehicles and tanks at ranges beyond normal small arms.  A Anti-Material Rifle is designed to fracture or destroy a vehicles engine block on impact. Consequently, soft targets have NO chance when engaged with a Anti-material Rifle.

Further, the CC Anti-material Rifle uses .50 Caliber ammunition. This ammunition has a Maximum effective range of 1200 Meters (approximately 1300 yards) and an actual range of 1800 Meters (approximately 1.1 miles). The CC Anti-material Rifle falls far short of that range.

So ... this mod was born in an effort to fix these shortcomings.

This mod starts by fixing the .50 Caliber Ammunition itself, making it's range more appropriate (something which will benefit all .50 Caliber weapons).

With that out of the way, this mod ups the impact of the CC Anti-Material rifle to something inline with a .50 Caliber weapon.

Once that is fixed it ups the range of the weapon so that one can effectively hit targets at longer rangers. 

That pointed to a shortfall in the optics, so the Recon Scope was enhanced to allow the shooter to actually focus on a target at those longer ranges.

So, with all that, I give you Truck Stop. This weapon, based on the CC Anti Material Rifle, will stop just about any soft target in one hit, and do so at ranges which will often not alert the targets companions.

You can find Truck Stop lying in the chest of a dead Raider in the Glowing Sea. Just follow the Distress Signal.

Now, there is a caveat with this weapon.   This weapon operates at the extreme limits of the games engine.  If you engage a target at the extreme range of this weapon, there is a chance that the cell will reset before you can get to it, and the spoils will be lost.  So either expect downed targets to be lost to you, or use the weapon at shorter ranges.

Finally, if it isn't already obvious, this mod requires the CC DLC Anti-Materiel Rifle (ccfrsfo4002-antimaterielrifle). 


This mod was cleaned with Xedit 4.04.

Can't find the rifle by following the directions in the Distress Signal, here is a short video which may help:

If you wish to contact me about this mod, you can do so here or on Discord at

This mod may be downloaded for use during gameplay only.  Any other use is prohibited.  This mod may NOT be shared, reuploaded or modified without my EXPRESS WRITTEN permission.

This mod is not made, guaranteed, or supported by Microsoft, Zenimax, Bethesda Game Studios, or any of their affiliates.

Edited by Scythe Bearer

What's New in Version 3.0.0


More recovery.  I really stepped in it when I backleveled this mod, and did a terrible job of recovery.  Fixed a few things I missed when I attempted to fix this the first time.  

My apologies to those impacted. 

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