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Whiterun is my favorite city to sell all my surplus items, and Arcadia's Cauldron is one of those shops. However, I'm often confronted with Arcadia's false diagnose of a disease I might have contracted. Most of the time she is wrong, but occasionally she is right. Her opening lines when addressing her are often:

"You look rather pale. Could be Ataxia. It's quite a problem back home in Cyrodiil.", or
"Pardon me, but do I detect a case of the Rattles? I've got something for that."

Occasionaly she is right, but most often she is wrong. After 11 years I finally wondered why. Arcadia is the only apothecary with these two type of lines, which none of the other apothecaries have. Those two dialogues don't have any conditions which check if the player has contracted any disease. This mod adds those conditions for the base game and will not (yet) let Arcadia diagnose if the player has contracted any diseases from the base game, although she may be wrong about the type of disease, but at least you will know that you have contracted a disease even if Arcadia was wrong about Ataxia or the Rattles.

Skyrim SE 1.5.x or 1.6.x (in principle only Skyrim.esm and Update.esm required)

Extract the 7z file and drop the ESP in the Data folder.

You are not allowed to upload this mod to other sites under any circumstance or without my explicit permission. 

Creation Kit 2.0
7-Zip File Manager

Edited by Altbert

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Congrats on the mod, Albert!  Now you know when she says it, that you are sick - even if she really knows nothing about diagnosing things - LOL!

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13 minutes ago, Altbert said:

Thanks Steve! That's what always bothered me, not knowing if she was right or wrong!

After all these years, I always assume she's wrong - and just wants to make a sale!  Now, if another NPC asks me if I'm feeling well, or says I look ill, that's a different story.

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Not anymore! When Arcadia says you're having a disease, she may be right about a disease, but she may be wrong about whether it's Ataxia or the Rattles. But at least the player contracted a disease, whichever it is, when she uses one of those sentences.

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