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Ger-yr-Afon Estate 1.0.0

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Ger-yr-Afon Estate by CHRIS3BEVAN

Here is an estate located up-river from Dragonbridge which was built near the ruins of a dwarven observatory.

A selection of notes have been placed to suggest a possible quest - which is so difficult to do: it's not a feature.

The notes are intended to make the area feel like there's everyday activity in the estate (the quest is optional).


* A place to visit that contains:

** A Museum - to display weapons and armor.
** A Villa - where caretakers and servants stay.
** A Guest House - for guests (obviously) with a merchant.
** A Dwarven Observatory - which has several areas to enjoy the view of Dragonbridge and Solitude (in the distance).
** A Manor - which has a receptionist, a barmaid, a servant wench, a chef and a bard (including a permanent resident).

*** The Manor also has a throne room, conference room, library, lounge, restaurant, kitchen including several bedrooms and a crafting area.
*** Please note - the showers are on permanently because I wanted the mod to be a single esp.

* The estate also has:

** A smithing area - by the mill - which has a blacksmith.
** A stable by the entrance with a carriage driver.
** A small children's play area between the Museum and Villa.
** A Half-Destroyed Farmhouse opposite the Villa (which includes a farmer).

Features Added:

* A secret crafting chamber in the museum.
* A Bath House - which includes a small bar and public area with private changing area, a public sauna, M&F changing rooms with showers and toilets, an Olympic sized pool with diving boards, a family pool with seating area and several spectator areas.

Also includes a workers area (office, dinning room, bedroom, maintenance area).


* None that I am aware of - feel free to let me know.


1) A location (fast travel) icon is placed in the area for you to get there easily.
2) Alternatively - you can go to the mill - in Dragonsbridge - and cross over the small stream (to where the tree stumps are) and head up to the estate on the road.


Q: What is this quest you mentioned?
A: This mod is a player home type mod and not a quest. The quest is an addition which is not required to complete.

Q: Why have you done this mod?
A: My friend asked for a player home by the river. I named the Mod Ger-yr-Afon because that is the Welsh way to say By The River.


v1.0 - initial release.
v1.1 - repaired (added) NavMeshes and attempted to fix FaceGen issues.
v2.0 - Fixed NavMeshes and FaceGen issues. Also added a Bath House (No Scripting).

My website link is: white Flag (gaming)

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I am using Vortex to load this mod, and it says the BSA file is incompatible, and designed for a different game.  It actually keeps my Skyrim from launching.  When I remove it, the game works fine.

Am I doing something wrong, or is there a version of the mod for AE I am missing?  It looks like a really cool mod, and I'd like to try it.

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