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High Gate Ruins Puzzle Reset Fix (LE) 0.2

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About This File

This is an attempt at a re-compiled Legendary Edition version of wSkeever's mod, High Gate Ruins Puzzle Reset Fix. While I believe this has been compiled correctly, I make no promises that it will work the way it is supposed to, as it was built for Skyrim Special Edition. My modding experience with Skyrim is limited, so troubleshooting will likely not happen.

This mod should be compatible with anything that doesn't modify the following file: highGateRuinsLeverPuzzle.pex

For anyone wondering if my backport of wSkeever's mod is allowed, here is a screenshot of their mod permissions:

All files provided in this mod have been ported over from their Skyrim Special Edition counterpart. To avoid any permissions issues with wSkeever's mod, all permissions will be restricted on this mod. Please defer to wSkeever's mod permissions if you would like to use any assets from that mod in your mod.

Original (Slightly Modified) Description
High Gate Ruins is a Nordic Ruin featuring a puzzle where the player pulls 4 levers in sequence to light 4 braziers. Once the 4 braziers are lit, a trap door opens, allowing you to proceed further into the dungeon.

However, when the location resets, the door is reset and closes, but the puzzle will not reset and remains in a solved state, preventing you from opening the door again. This bug is detailed on UESP:


When revisiting the ruins, the four puzzle levers used to open the trapdoor spring back, so the trapdoor will not open.

This bug locks you out of the latter half of the dungeon, preventing you from accessing the boss container and completing radiant quests which use High Gate Ruins as the location.


  • This mod fixes this bug by doing the following:
    • OnReset is implemented to reset the puzzle when the dungeon resets
    • If you don't want to wait that long. I've also set the puzzle to reset when you pull any of the levers after the puzzle is solved, allowing you to solve it again.
  • No esp.
  • Minor edits to existing USSEP script


  • Install at any time
  • Uninstall at any time

Implementation Details

  • Script edited is highGateRuinsLeverPuzzle
  • "KillSwitch" function edited to allow puzzle reset even after it is solved:

;  //A simple function to kill all of the fires
FUNCTION killSwitch()
;    IF flameSnake.isDisabled() == true ; USKP 2.0.1 - Puzzle not solved, reset everything.
;    ENDIF

  • Added OnReset Event to reset the puzzle when the dungeon resets:

Event OnReset()



Q: Doesn't Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch fix this?
A: No.

wSkeever for High Gate Ruins Puzzle Reset Fix

I've also created a forum for this topic if you want to give any feedback.

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