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Gentesters Darkwater Lodge SE 1.0.0

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Darkwater Lodge by Gentester

A home for children and family in the Darkwater Pass area of the Rift.

Head down the hill from Ivarstead, follow the road to the right and it’s on the right set back from the road.

Sleeps 4 followers and 4 children. To allow children to move here use TMPhoenixs Multiple Adoptions Mod here https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/3862 which will also allow your spouse to move and sandbox correctly. If not using this mod the childrens bedroom will remain unused.

The home is purchasable for 18,000 septims, read the notice on the gate.

Once purchased fast travel is enabled to within the garden, however the landing site is fairly small and only suitable for yourself and possibly 2 or 3 followers. If you are bringing more in by fast travel then use the road landing site (beware the road is the haunt of a sabre cat!).

Outside there is a stable area, gardens, terraces, a second stable area which houses chickens and milkable cows (and can also take a horse or two), a covered outdoor dining area and bbq, further seating, a well and hot tub. There are two cows in one of the stables. The cows are milkable, hover the cursor over their bodies on their left flank and click e, the milking animation will take over. The cows produce milk and cream daily. The property has 30 hearthfire planting mounds, some are inside in the indoor garden area and some are on the outdoor terraces.

Inside the lighting changes with the time of day and it gets darker at night

It is a comfortable small family home and although it has all the storage you could want it is not suitable for those who want all their weapons and Armor on display, it has just one mannequin, 2 weapon racks and one display case.
On the main floor the kitchen has a hearthfire oven, chilled storage and tailored storage for all catering needs.
The upstairs master bedroom has a large number of interactive bookcases to store your books alongside plenty of wardrobes. On the small landing is storage for documents.

The children's bedroom sleeps 4 kids with toys.
The enchanting and alchemy areas both have designated and labelled storage.

From the interior there is a door and windows leading out to a large cavern and garden. The indoor garden has the follower accommodation (4 beds) with their own catering facilities and all the crafting is here from a forge to a grain mill, from butter churns to a well.
Also in the garden is a natural swimming hole and plenty of occasional seating.

Both the outside hot tub and the indoor pool will act as heat sources for frost fall users and there are also braziers outdoors in the main relaxation areas. Your followers will undress to use either and redress when they leave the water.

Known issues

The house will conflict with any mod which alters the same area.

If you are using a mod which alters the children’s body or has their clothing in different slots from vanilla the children may remove their clothing in the hot tub or pool, I can't guarantee they will redress automatically when leaving it (hasn't happened to me but I need to mention it).



  • Umm quite a list, if I have missed anyone out my apologies, let me know and I will correct the list.
  • Most of the modders listed below are for meshes and textures except where otherwise marked
  • AARS Blary
  • Berticus0001 (milking scripts, house purchase scripts, and endless help and advice)
  • Bond
  • Brendan62
  • Breti
  • Clintster (for new housefire oven decals, some other bits and massive amounts of help, advice and tutoring with retextures)
  • Daemonjax (lighting ball scripts)
  • Dark Rider
  • Elinen and Ztree
  • Ga-Knomboe Boy
  • Insanity Sorrow
  • Langley
  • Lilith
  • Merilia
  • MJY
  • Oaristy
  • Phaedra
  • Runspect
  • Stroti
  • Tamira
  • WillieSea


You may use anything from this mod provided it was made by me although credit would be nice.

For all other resources please check with the modders concerned (unless it is a modders resource in the first place).

You may not upload this to any other site without my permission or do anything to change the esp and reupload it.

If you want to translate the mod that's fine, but please let me know first.

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Had to have this mod as well.. The grotto behind the Lodge is perfect for a Hugh Hefner playthrough 😂In terms of non-lore friendly, I couldnt care less, I say create what makes you happy, because everything you have made, that I have used, has purpose. So many home mods with no purpose get so much love on other sites, yet yours seems to blow most of them out of the water. I hardly stay in the homes, so appearance isnt an issue. I just imagine each of your homes were custom designed by High Elves who were previous owners, just for my own imaginary back story.. I think I have almost all of your home mods, enough room for every follower I have in game, and room for any custom followers I might add as the game progresses.. Thanks for these great mods Gentester... all love brotha! 

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