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BOSS Masterlist for Oblivion 1.0

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About This File

                       BOSS for Oblivion


Setting the right load order for your mods is a crucial step to enjoying a stable modded game.
Better Oblivion Sorting Software...aka BOSS, is designed to assist mod users in avoiding mod
conflicts, by providing automated load order sorting that's simple to use and fully customizable.
While sorting, BOSS checks for load order errors and notifies you of any issues that it detects.

BOSS also provides thousands of plugin specific messages. Including usage notes, Bash Tag
suggestions, requirements, incompatibilities, bug warnings, and installation mistake notices.
BOSS utilizes a Masterlist text file to sort plugins into the correct order. Although it recognizes
tens of thousands of plugins, new mods are constantly being created and released every day.
This means the Masterlist requires frequent updates. We depend on mod user submissions in
order to keep pace with the modding community.

Program Requirements 

In order for the Masterlist to be of any use, you will need to have the latest version (2.3.2) of
BOSS which can be found on the Website. The program can be installed manually anywhere
on your PC, and then run from that location. It doesn't need to be in the Oblivion directories.
Ex: I keep it in a desktop folder labeled "Modding Tools" with all the other modding utilities.

Updating The Masterlist

Find the most recent version of the Masterlist in the files section. Once you've downloaded and
unzipped the file, you just need to copy/paste it in the correct location. See the screenshots for
a visual reference on how to do this.

Start by finding the "BOSS 2.3.2" folder on your PC. Installing it on the desktop makes that easy.
Navigate inwards to the "Oblivion" folder. Copy/paste the "masterlist.txt" into the Oblivion folder.
Allow it to overwrite if asked to do so.

Ex: C:/Users/*yourusername*/Desktop/BOSS2.3.2/Bin/Release-64/Oblivion

GUI Basic Functions

To run the program, activate the "Boss_GUI.exe". Do this by navigating to the folder location and
double clicking (Boss2.3.2/bin/Release-64). Alternately you can create a desktop shortcut. 

The most basic function is sorting plugins in the load order. To do this open the GUI and check
the circle next to "Sort Plugins". Click "Run Boss".

Boss can also generate a text log after sorting plugins. This will give you specific information for
the plugins loaded. Such as Bash Tag suggestions, mod conflicts, warnings for obsolete files,
and other things. To get this information check the box "Show Boss Log on Completion". Then
run Boss as you normally would.

The Masterlist can be updated directly through the GUI also. Check the box "Update Masterlist"
and run Boss. This will grab the most recent copy from the online repository. However, at this time
I haven't updated the online repository in quite a while. For now use the Masterlist from this page.

Submitting Unrecognized Plugins

1. Simply leave a post in the comments section here and list at least the basic info. Your plugin(s) will
    then be added to the Masterlist with the next update. Alternately, you can submit plugins using the
    BOSS GUI, which sends the info to my Github account.

2. Include the full .esm/.esp file name. Proper spelling, spacing, punctuation matter. If you misspell,
    the plugin will not be recognized.

3. Optional: Include a brief description of what the plugin does. Knowing this can make a difference in
    determining where to place it.

4. Optional: Include load order suggestions. If you already use the mod, and know where it works in your  
    load order, that just might work for everyone else as well.


Full credit for BOSS goes to the original development team. I take no credit only for updating a list that was
already very well developed.

Legal Stuff

I was given permission from Wrinklyninja to host this page. 

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On 12/4/2021 at 4:05 PM, mhahn123 said:

This is the only place to get it right now since I'm the only one who has worked at this for a number of years running. The online repository (Github) is not up to date at the moment. My old PC died quite a while back, and all this sat for a long time while I saved up money to replace it.

When I started up again, Github was being a PITA when I tried to update the online repository. It wouldn't take my submissions and I didn't feel like wasting the little free time I have fighting with it. So I post updates here, manually, for now. Eventually, when my work life is a little less hectic, I'll get that sorted out.

Okay.  Thanks for the reply, mhahn.

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Hey mhahn123,

Now that you are in the process of updating the BOSS masterlist, I forgot to mention that about a year ago I noticed a small error in the masterlist concerning AFK_Weye.

The compatibility patch for AFK_Weye + Unique Landscapes that came with the mod package from AFK_Weye....(AFK_Weye Arrius_Creek Patch.esp) should go AFTER Unique Landscapes but BOSS put it BEFORE Unique Landscapes.... I don't know if this was fixed in the latest update.

Also the accompanying document with AFK_Weye indicated this load order:


RTT-Weye Relocation Patch.esp
Region Revive - Lake Rumare.esp
Rumare-AFK_Weye Patch.esp

But BOSS gave this load order:


Region Revive - Lake Rumare.esp


RTT-Weye Relocation Patch.esp


Rumare-AFK_Weye Patch.esp

Hopefully, this doesn't matter... the document did say BOSS may change the order, and to go with BOSS.


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Hey Allister,

I'll have to look at specifics for that RTT combination. That was all set up way before my time methinks and it all seems to work. Just depends on what the plugins actually edit in many cases.

Regards the UL patch that is packaged with AFK Weye, I need to look at that when I have time. The patch name tells me it's an older one that isn't updated for v2.0+ UL plugins. As those all begin with ULE, ULM, or ULS. This is why it sits where it does. All of the v2.0 patches were placed lower down in a new category at the time updates were first happening. Vorians probably updated it for v2.0 UL plugins, and in some cases he slightly renamed patches to jibe with his UL patch naming convention. So it may exist in the patch compilation already. But idk for sure. Let me check into it.

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Another fyi for whenever you get back to the BOSS list. I've always kept my hair mods, OCO2, etc above all the Better City stuff, since that's how BOSS puts things, but I noticed all the BC npcs have stock hair & faces. I (very hesitantly) tried putting all the BC esps above those mods, and it worked fine: many npcs now have the hair, eyes, etc that those mods give them (providing you have some tweaks checked in Wrye, like Races have all hairs and/or eyes.) It seems safe to put those kinds of mods below BC, since they typically don't affect landscape or AI or anything that would mess with BC. I think maybe the original BOSS guys were being overly cautious when they put BC so low. Basically it's a large overhaul, and those go *above* the hair, face & body mods, like where Uncut, Arthmoor's cities, OOO, MMM, HESU etc are placed. Maybe it's time to put BC above OCO2 then. Otherwise people who go with what BOSS says are gonna get strictly stock npcs in BC. Just a thought; I could be wrong, but I haven't seen any problems with doing it that way yet; only positive changes.

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I'm sorry if it's not the place to ask, but I haven't found another one. I simply cannot get this program to work anymore.  I click on "run BOSS" and it seems to load for a while and then nothing. Not sure what else to do. I am using the latest version.

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On 4/6/2022 at 7:32 AM, Pushkatu said:

I'm sorry if it's not the place to ask, but I haven't found another one. I simply cannot get this program to work anymore.  I click on "run BOSS" and it seems to load for a while and then nothing. Not sure what else to do. I am using the latest version.

I really don't know what could be wrong Push. Mine is working as it always has. What settings are you using on the GUI? If you have the "Update Masterlist" box checked that could be it. The Github online repository is way out of date and i have been unable to get it to take any updates. Manual updates to the masterlist from here is the only option at this time. Unchecking that box forces BOSS to use whatever masterlist it currently has.

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Posted (edited)


I was going through some files and found something that may be of interest. Back in 2013, I had generated a dump of all the commits where cleaning information had been removed when a mod was updated and replaced with a message saying it was obsolete. Having a message saying a file is updated is fine but I don't think removing the cleaning information was the right way to go about it as people may still use the older versions and, in those cases, they'll need to know that the files need cleaning. At the time, the master list was in limbo and I had contacted an active team member who was going to look at it but left the community shortly after. Would you be interested in taking a look when you get the chance? I can get you the commit logs if you are


Sorry, it looks like it's the Skyrim one so this can probably be disregarded

Edited by deaths_soul
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