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Elsweyr Anequina - Valenwood Improved Patch

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About This File

by Iliana

This file contains an alternate version of the ElsweyrAnequina.esp (version Mar 2014) with a ElsweyrValenwoodImprovedPatch.esp.They build and patch the border between the two province mods to create a smooth transition.

As the patch requires the specially modified version of the ElsweyrAnequina.esp provided, it will only work with the Mar 2014 version of the mod.


The following two mods are required:
Elsweyr Anequina (Mar 2014) (only compatible with this version)
Valenwood Improved (+ English translation if required)


Valenwood Improved.esp
ElsweyrAnequina.esp (Use the replacement esp provided with this download)


The meshes and textures are replacement LOD landscape files (for distant view).

You will need to run TES4LodGen afterwards to properly generate distant trees and cities. DistantLOD for cities and trees is dependent on your load order so if you change that you will need to run TES4LodGen again.

To use TES4LodGen just download and double click the exe. The program will do the rest.


Please do not upload this file to other sites. The only valid one is my upload on the AFK Mods website.

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So I am using Valenwood Improved with Elsweyr Anequina.

My load order is :
Valenwood Improved.esp

I deactivated "Under the sign of the dragon - Tamriel Heightmaps" (Tamriel.esp).

I fast travel to Cave of dusk and this is what I get : https://imgur.com/a/Lef1d6X
Anyone know what is going on.....

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On 4/26/2020 at 2:30 PM, Allister said:

So I am using Valenwood Improved with Elsweyr Anequina.

Did anyone ever find out how to fix the problem?

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