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Provides several options to remove undiscovered locations, red dots and quest markers from the compass (with or without floating quest markers). Works with Skyrim Special Edition, Legendary Edition or even Vanilla Skyrim.

Mods that affect the compass are probably not compatible.

The included plugin is not necessary for the compass, but improves fade and reduces range for location icons, based on the findings of Compass Marker Range by Xrande with slightly tweaked settings.

How to modify the hudmenu.gfx icons yourself




You only need the free open source swfmill which is an indispensable tool for SWF editing. Optionally, you can use the unregistered version of the Eltima Flash Decompiler Trillix. This is useful for inspecting assets within the SWF files and it also checks the integrity of your SWF.

  1. Use BSAopt to extract Data\Interface\Exported\hudmenu.gfx from Update.bsa
  2. Rename it to hudmenu.swf and use a hex editor to replace its first three letters from CFX to CWS
  3. Convert your hudmenu.swf to XML using swfmill.
    Command line: swfmill swf2xml hudmenu.swf hudmenu.xml
  4. Edit your XML file and save. Here are the edits used in this mod:
    * To remove unfound locations, strip data on sprites 153 - 267. You can use this regular expression and replace with $1$3.
    * To remove all quest markers (from the compass and floating ones), strip data on sprites 148 & 150.
    To retain floating quest markers after the above edit, find sprite 151 and set its first PlaceObject2 to 142 (instead of 148) and its second PlaceObject2 to 149 (instead of 150).
    * To remove enemy dots, strip data on sprites 141 & 374.
    I personally prefer to work with sprites instead of shapes. Shapes may be used for other purposes in the game, who knows. And sprites allowed me to remove quest markers from the compass without affecting the floating ones at the game screen.
  5. Convert your hudmenu.xml to SWF using swfmill.
    Command line: swfmill xml2swf hudmenu.xml hudmenu.swf
  6. Use your hex editor and replace its first three letters from CWS to CFX
  7. Rename it to hudmenu.gfx and move it to Data\Interface\Exported


You are free to include this work, modified or not, in your work as long as you post the new work here at AFK Mods and offer others the same freedom by including this paragraph in your work’s license without any modifications or restrictions.

July 1st 2018, Axonis <axonis@yandex.com>

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