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Workshop Population Controller 1.0.0


About This File

Simply speaking, this mod does for real what the mod "Increased Settler Population" (Nexus modID = 1618) claims to do: it allows all workshops to spawn more settlers, up tp a limit that may range from 20-50, depending on the workshop's size (see the additional features listed below).


The mod "Increased Settler Population" is modifying a game setting that has no effect on the population limit because the workshops are simply not checking it. As has been found out however, that setting is used by workshop mode when it displays the location list that shows up when a settler is activated to send him to another workshop: in that list, any location with a population higher than the value stored in the game setting will be grayed out (i.e. it can't be selected). Increasing the game setting largely removes that limitation and therefore, "Increased Settler Population" does still allow for higher workshop populations - but only indirectly: to realize them, you have to move the settlers manually from workshops that are still recruiting to the workshops of your choice.

This mod does both: increase the population limit on the workshops (so they will eventually reach the higher limit all on their own) and remove the limitation to moving settlers around.

Note however that it will not work on raider workshops (they are using their own versions of the base game workshop scripts and I did simply not conceive this mod to include them).


Additional features:

  • Since workshops in FO4 have variable sizes, an increase of the population limit is not everywhere preferrable. Take Hangman's Alley and Murkwater Construction Site as examples: they barely can accomodate the vanilla population limit (which may be as high as 26 if you make use of all charisma-boosting equipment available in an unmodded game).  To account for this, I have classified the workshops in three categories: small, medium and large. Small ones will keep to the vanilla limit, medium ones will end up around 35 and large ones around 50, according to the new calculation formula:  MaxPopulation = 10 + CharismaMultiplier x PlayerCharisma.  The charisma multipliers are different for small, medium and large settlements.
  • Vanilla workshops will stop spawning new settlers if there are 5 or more settlers unassigned. With this mod active, that check is overridden.


  • The download contains two versions, one for use with all DLCs, the other for use with no DLCs. Open the folder of your choice and drop the esp and the archive into your Fallaout4/Data folder.
  • Note that the No_DLC versionwill also work dine with all DLCs active. You'll only miss the size classification for the DLC-added workshops.


  • As a scripted mod, uninstallation will leave permanent traces in yoour save (this is inherent to all scripted mods).
  • Nonetheless, lasting effects on your game due to an uninstallation are not to be expected, because this mod does not modify any vanilla scripts or objects (it only runs a brand new script from a mod-added quest).


  • There are no conflicts known nor expected, because this mod does not touch any vanilla script nor any vanilla object. Because it gets the workshop refs it's working on by reading the Workshops array from WorkshopParentScript, it will even work with mod-added workshops.
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I LOVE this, and I'm interested in downloading, but I do have two questions first:

1) does this work with mod-added settlements? (I do hefty checks for whether or not a settlement mod is wildly broken before I download it, so that isn't a consideration here--I'm talking specifically about workshops that are properly set up.)

2) Is there a way I can remove the small/medium/large setup and just have all settlements set to large? I ask because I have a mod that substantially increases the area of all settlements except Spectacle Island and Vault 88 (neither of which need help on that front), and I don't really have any "small" settlements anymore. I'd prefer to just control population size via the recruitment beacon.

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