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Congratulations on your recent marriage! Your spouse has a plan though. They would like to keep from going mentally insane from boredom while you're gone for weeks on end adventuring in strange lands. So they've informed you they'll be setting up a shop to keep busy while you're away. Except for one small detail. They want to do so from your shared abode. Does this really make sense? Should your spouse be putting the family home at risk in such a manner? No! They certainly should not. Every major city where you can buy a house has a market area that should have enough space to accommodate a small trading stall to serve this purpose. The only difference is that your spouse will not offer to buy, sell, or let you invest when they are not at the stand.

So this mod will do exactly that. Now your spouse will operate a store from the market area in the city you are currently living in. Your spouse will man this stall during the normal daylight hours, then return home at night. You can come and collect your profits at any time just like normal. Yes, even though it's a bit daft, this will work for the Hearthfire houses as well since Bethesda made no provisions for turning off the shop functions when living in a Hearthfire home. If you have Thirteen Oranges' Laintar Dale and/or Oakwood installed, the market stand will be set up next to one of these locations instead since the two villages are close enough to be within walking distance of the houses in The Pale and Falkreath.

As an added bonus, the shop will relocate with you if you move to a new city and there will be a chest at the stall that you can add items to in order to have them "sold" to the general public. The chest will be emptied out each day to simulate having sold the goods, and a varied amount of gold will be added to the standard marriage profits you can collect from your spouse. This provides not only a cool way to make some extra cash, but also to trim down your junk inventory in a somewhat more realistic way.

If you choose to move into your spouse's original house (wherever that may be) then they will not operate a stand even if it's in one of the supported locations. Bethesda's spouse setup does not support this and I do not have any intention on editing the marriage quest to change this. Your spouse will almost certainly have an AI routine to follow when living in their house anyway. You will not have access to the chest to deposit your unwanted junk in while you are choosing to live in their home.

Assuming certain conditions are met in mod added homes, this could also provide a means for allowing the spouse to run a shop from a mod added house.

What's New in Version 2.0.4


Changed support for Oakwood to use my Oakwood village mod.

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Got a request, since I don't really do the marriage thing and I already tried The drunken dragon, but that one has issues with duplicating things, could you maybe make a storefront or shop building mod where you hire an npc/follower npc to run the shop for you and that sells your stuff at a better percentage then drunken dragon?

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