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Sclero's Farmhouse Kit 1.30


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About This File

A huge farmhouse interior & exterior kit.


Customize your farmhouse and make matching interiors.


Includes many new features such as upper floors, side wings, gables, balconies, various fireplace styles and dimensions, real staircases (not just ladders) and walkways that perfectly fit all around.


Exterior parts come with LOD meshes.


The download includes an esp with the setup (static object definitions) of all new meshes.


A documentation with notes on assembling the meshes is still missing, but will be added isoon. In the meantime, some assembly notes are available in the forum thread: http://www.afkmods.com/index.php?/topic/4579-relz-scleros-farmhouse-kit/



You may use this mod's resources in your own mods without explicit permission as long as the original author is credited.
However, you're not allowed to use this mod's resources in any mods intended to be monetized.


Also, do not upload this mod on other download sites .Once it has matured a little, I will post it on the Nexus. If you feel that it should be available on other sites, just ask.



New in v0.93:
Added 24 room divider meshes.


New in v0.95:
Added walkway stairs (2 styles) and matching railings.


New in v0.97:
Added walkway railings and another set of walkway stairs.

What's New in Version 1.30


Mesh fixes:

  •  Plugged holes in the collision meshes of several roof segments with extended gables
  •  Modified the wooden posts on all interior gable meshes to eliminate a minor clipping issue
  •  Fixed an issue where the texture on the central posts of all wide gable roof segments did not properly align with the texture on the corresponding posts in the basis segments.
  • Plugged small holes on the underside of several roofed walkways

New meshes:

  • Added a full set of interior roof segments with normal gables opposite to wide gables and/or branches
  • Added roof segments with gable-mounted spiral stairs for upper floor access
  • Also added connector-version spiral stairs meshes to be added to floor end pieces
  • Added room dividers for the main house (ground floor, upper floor or both)
  • Added 9 vanilla style farmhouse meshes with branches
  • Added new vanilla farmhouse interior meshes to make full use of the branches
  • Also added 12 new 'wall slices' (with all potentially useful door and fireplace positions and combinations) forvanilla farmhouse interiors

Finally, this mod does now include a manual with detailed instructions on placement and assembly of the exterior meshes. A manual for the interiors is currently in preparation.

User Feedback

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Thank you for these resources, they let me finally build the house I wanted! I was a little overwhelmed by the number of options at first, but once I'd messed around with the pieces for a while it started coming together. My sole complaint is that the stairs are a little iffy when going up them, especially the small gable spiral stairs, I have to sort of jump up them or it stutters horribly. But that's a small price to pay for such good pieces.

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