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A simple village expansion for Whistling Mine.

It always seemed odd to me that an established mine with an active smelter had no place for the people there to live. Whistling Mine is cold, and inhospitable. Nobody in their right mind would actually sleep there! This mod solves that oddity by providing a small village for the 4 NPCs to live in and spend some time in. Cause who wants to spend their lives living in the mine they work in!

It was also somewhat strange that Winterhold Hold had nothing but a single half ruined town in it.

* All added houses are radiant quest enabled, so you may get Companions missions and anything else that's properly configured to use NPC homes for quests.
* LOD has been generated for the area, including trees that account for the changes.

What's New in Version 1.0.3


Ingots in front of Thorgar's house were clipped through the cart. The cart was also unrealistically upright.


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So is this for LE or SE?? I get you don't like NexusMods anymore, but this site has REALLY crappy categorizing! I downloaded your towns AIO only to find out it's only for LE, and there's no proper indication of what is and isn't for SE except for the VERY inconsistent tags! Give Nexus all the crap you want, at least they know how to make a website.

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