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Vanilla 1.3 and 1.1 saves

About This File

These are some old saves of mine from my now-unused desktop computer. The 1.1 save is simply the automatic hard save made just as the cart ride finishes; the only thing of interest is that the save is from patch version 1.1. (i.e., release version).

The second save is from patch 1.3; it features an Argonian player character named Geryon in Honeyside. He's married to Derkeethus and is Thieves Guild master and Dark Brotherhood Listener, as well as College Arch-Mage. He's level 60 with some fairly advanced magical skills. The main quest is completed but the civil war has not been touched.

A word of warning for the second one: if you load it with DLCs active, you're going to get bombarded by the startup for all three at once. Oh, and I think there's a dragon attack pending as soon as you step out the door, so have fun.


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