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Jarl immersion, FTW!

v1.0 - 04/27/2014

by Hanaisse

Changes the way Jarls sit on their thrones. I find it disrespectful that they slouch and look bored while they talk to you. You ARE the Dragonborn, after all. And it makes the old men (and old woman) look creepy. Now they sit up and pretend they are at least interested in what you have to say.

Except for Ulfric, because he just looks cool.


If a Jarl has not changed his sitting position, wait for them to get up. The next time they sit the changes will take effect.

Does not apply to 'thrones' in old Nordic ruins or Sovengaard.

Also incorporates the USKP fix of unable to look around when you sit on the throne so as not to cancel out those fixes.


Drop the .esp in the Data folder, activate in launcher or mod manager of your choice, enjoy. De-activate and delete .esp to uninstall.

I've made sure the .esp is clean with TES5Edit.

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