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About This File

What It Is

Ever accept the gift of Lycanthropy from the Companions?

Love running around as a wolf?

Hate using the Wait function?

Now you can be the ALPHA Werewolf! All other werewolves

are just childish puppies in comparison to your glorious might!

This mod enables you to leave Beast Form at will!

It also continues the vanilla Werewolf damage progression

to level 100 (up from 50).

The Ring of Hircine will also grant you the Blessing of

Hircine - a constant buff that allows unlimited transformations

regardless if the ring is equipped or not! You must equip the

Ring at least once to gain this ability.

How it Works

After you turn into a Werewolf, change back at any time by

holding the F key (by default your Point of View key).

Recommend only using after you have completed the Deadric

quest for Hircine and obtaining his ring as a reward.

This ring removes the cooldown on Beast Form allowing

unlimited transformations to the still-wet-behind-the-ears pup.

Optional Files

Dawnguard version continues leveling not only the claw

damage but the damage resistance to level 100 (up from 50).

Manual Installation

Extract the files to your Steam>steamapps>common>Skyrim>Data folder.

Manual Uninstallation

Remove the .esp and the .bsa file.


  • Report possible bugs via PM or comment.

Future Development

  • Possible upgrade to damage/damage resistance/feed healing
    depending on popular opinion.
  • Functionality for the removal of the Blessing of Hircine if
    Lycanthropy is cured.

Compatibility and Requirements

Will not be compatible with any mods that modify these files -

  • PlayerWerewolfQuest
  • DA05HircinesRing

Requires the following programs to run -

Also available on Steam and The Nexus and TES Alliance

What's New in Version 3.0


  • Added Ring of Hircine modification and cleaned up the scripting a little.

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