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[DG]Transparent/refractive blood potions 1.01

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Added transparency and refraction to the blood potions added by the Dawnguard DLC.

This means you need that DLC for these to show up, otherwise, the "mod" won't do anything since this is just a mesh replacer.

Check pictures to get an idea, but best view it in-game to see the full effect as a static pic cannot show it entirely.

This is still WIP as I'm experimenting with the shader and the textures. Suggestions are more than welcome!

Known issues: Mesh won't look good in inventory view (meaning no refraction, just odd transparent mesh). Haven't figured out how to "fix" it, or if it is even possible. Maybe the shaders are not applied the same way in the inventory menu. Refraction shader does not work in inventory view, nothing I can do about it.

Credits: skysan4298 from Skyrim Nexus for discovering this ingenious way to make refractive/transparent glass and for allowing me to dissect his meshes and use this effect.

What's New in Version 1.01


  • Added transparency and refraction to blood potions.
  • Added ReadMe to archive.

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