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Hana's Shrooms 1.1

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About This File





This is a texture replacer pack for the basic mushrooms in Skyrim.


This is my interpretation of how they can be improved over vanilla. All textures are double their original size (making them 1024x512), and completely re-handpainted from scratch to improved quality plus deeper colour saturation.


Includes the following mushrooms;


Bleeding Crown
Fly Amanita
Imp Stool
Namira's Rot
White Cap


Unzip into Data folder as is or install with BAIN or NMM.
The files are loose to save using a dummy .esp.


These files may conflict with other texture replacers. Overwrite if necessary.


Uninstall in BAIN or NMM or, if manually installed delete the following files;


mushroom01.dds, mushroom01_n.dds
mushroom02.dds, mushroom02_n.dds
mushroom03.dds, mushroom03_n.dds
mushroom04.dds, mushroom04_n.dds
mushroom05.dds, mushroom05_n.dds
mushroom06.dds, mushroom06_n.dds


If these files overwrote any previous texture replacers you may want to re-install the previous mod.


Please do not upload this file anywhere else.
Please do not re-use or re-issue without permission.

What's New in Version 1.1


  • 12/01/15 - reuploaded to add missing mushroom05_n.dds texture file.

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