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Hey all

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Hey guys,

I just wanted to take the time to drop a post introducing myself to the community. My name is woodwards031 or Woody for short, I'm a modder and mainly develop mods for Skyrim SE. I've been modding on and off for roughly 4-5 years and mainly do landscape related mods and a few fixes here and there. I've decided to host my mods on this site due to being tired of the elitism, hypocrisy and toxicity that infects the Nexus Skyrim SE community (which is getting worse) and wished to not have any part of it, start afresh elsewhere and join a community elsewhere which, I hope is nothing like that found on Nexus.

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8 hours ago, Scythe Bearer said:

~ You aren't the first to arrive on these sunny shores after abandoning Nexus.  This seems to be the place for refugee mod authors, wannabe mods authors, and displaced Dancing Donna Dolls . 

.. And disenchanted lost souls in search of Games developers who stand to their word (rare thing these days).

Plus forums that don't get too monetarily involved that their ethos goes flying out the window with some well greased wordage (nexus after advertisements and server upkeep plus massive audience considerations). Money is the root of all evil, nuff said. I really dont understand wtf happened to the old Bethsoft forums and the archive of accrued public knowledge there which historically helped community members and Bethsoft in their games longevity.


Welcome woody.

I don't participate as much these days in the Bethesda side of things (that may change again, see how they go under their new Microsoft masters), but I am an ex Nexus / Bethsoft forum enthusiast and an insignificant Unofficial patch contributer / ex Wrye bash helper (but only because I saw both as supporting Bethesda which rubbed against me in recent years).

Welcome to Arthmoors abode and slower paced forum with many old respected names popping in.

Its a good place to find no bullshit, and good / well experienced advice when its given.

Arguments still happen (humans on the internet), but much less entitled agendas' (actually, from what I have seen that's none-existant here), and a lot more civil (dare I say much more intelligent, even honourable), engagements.

.. Its a good place to hang and study for our hobby :)

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I would hardly call the help that alt3rn1ty gave "insignificant"  He did quite a lot!

And if you don't fit right in, Woody, we'll just get the trusty old shoehorn out and get you fitted in!:banana:


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Hi Woody, and welcome! :wave:Saddened to hear that part of Nexus has come of its erstwhile highs, and it's super nice to find you here. Yep, hypocritters can be fun, but the novelty wears off too quickly, elitism is practiced by those who aren't, but if there be toxins floating around, leave by the first door!

TES gaming is a mixed bug of surprises, fortunately, many of them are pleasant ones, and most of them now have found a new home thanks to the unending years of dedication by the UP teams here.

10 hours ago, Scythe Bearer said:

In short; Woody, welcome to The Isle of Misfit Toys. 


:D That's a cool site- couldn't find any horkers- however a few things for the favourites vault:


Cheery looking POD


Make an excellent doorknob


Make a superb flambeau


A fine critique. :P


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