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Surprise - There's been an update :P

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The next iteration of IPB was made available and since it included a security update for the previous version, it was time to update. Please let me know if any oddities have crept in as the upgrade process for new versions and custom themes is rarely without its problems.

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Um’ the individual’s Forum popularity number/rating has vanished!


Edit..oop hang on…..it has just been relocated down the page!

AND we can no longer insert user definable personal titles…which used to be grouped under ‘Rank’.

In my case my adopted nobility nomenclature....”Contessa”


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I'm not sure why they changed the custom title thing, but I found the setting and re-enabled it. So that should be working again.

I REALLY have no idea what the hell they're doing with the rank icons, ugly stretched green bars are not the images we've uploaded here, and there's no longer any sort of setting to display them as text like before.

Also I don't really want to have to start making custom changes to the theme because that makes updates to the package a great deal more difficult to manage and often results in breaking things.

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1 hour ago, Pseron Wyrd said:

I'm not thrilled about the new rank bars covering up a chunk of my avatar picture.

Same….I mean what is the point?

It makes you question whether there is any logical thought behind some amendments…other than ‘they can’.

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For a moment i thought my eyes are even worse then usual because i still see those bars. But it seems to be theme related because i use the white theme. On the dark theme it is back to the points below the picture. It is no big deal, i just pretend my avatar cat sits on the garden fence. :lol:  Or i just get used to the dark theme. :cookie:

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