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Medieval TW Gold Edition v2.01 CTD Fix

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Originally posted by peter de123 @ totalwar.org forum




since I got my Nvidia 8800GTS I could not start MTW anymore, which was especially annoying because I bought the Eras Package. I even tried an old MTW version but it also did not work. After reading in various forums I thought it had something to do with the Nvidia Graphics Driver.

When I updated the driver tonight (version 175.16) I decided to give MTW another try. CTD when starting a campaign, just as I was fearing.

However, for some reason I also installed the Napoleon Total War Mod and tried again... SUDDENLY IT STARTED PERFECTLY.  :o

So it could not be a graphics driver issue... I started toying around, removed and cleanly installed MTW, made a backup and tried to find out what made MTW work when I installed the Mod. I succeded to narrow the problem down to TWO FILES:

button_ipnext.BIF and button_ipprev.BIF in the "Medieval - Total Warcampmapbuttons" Folder.

I verified it by using the clean, vanilla installation and only replacing those two files with the ones from the Mod.


So to all those out there who also have the CTD problem when starting a campaign: Please try it out and report if it works for you.

Since this is my first post I am not allowed to enter a direct Link to a zip file containing the two buttons, so please look here: rapidshare.com / files / 115211547 / MTW_Gold_v2.01_CTD_Fix.zip . html (just remove the empty spaces between the words).

Alternatively you can of course install the NTW1 Mod.



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