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ReadSpeed - A new Steve Gibson Utility

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ReadSpeed - https://www.grc.com/ReadSpeed.htm

Its another of Steve's Freeware utilities (among others such as DNS Benchmark / SQRL / InSpectre)

This was developed as a tool to help with developing the next version of SpinRite.

The download will help you create a bootable Thumb drive with ReadSpeed on it, which you then need to figure out how to boot from on your machine (for my laptop I have to go into the BIOS and disable Secure Boot first, then re-boot and enter the Dell Boot menu to then boot from the USB), and after use enable Secure boot again. Bit of a PITA, but to get a good uninterrupted measure of how your HDs/SSDs are doing its necessary. 

Have a watch of the video on the site and read the page.

Another handy tool. Download links are near the bottom of the page linked above.

Check it periodically for updates.

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