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Baldurs Gate III


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35 minutes ago, Uncus said:

I did like NWN 

I loved Neverwinter Nights.   Morrowind was my first roleplaying game and I liked it okay, but I didn't understand it. I knew nothing about roleplaying at the time and played it like a first-person shooter.  But a lightbulb went off in my head when I played NWN.  I suddenly felt like I understood roleplaying.  I went back to Morrowind with a new appreciation for what that game was all about.  So NWN will always have a special place in my affections because of that.

To be a bit more on-topic, a couple months after those games came out Larian released Divine Divinity.   Being an enthusiastic player of roleplaying games now, I snapped it up and enjoyed it very much.   Boy, what a grand year for roleplaying games 2002 was!  

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3 hours ago, alt3rn1ty said:

Visually it's Larian's D:OS style, feels like NWN, but more advanced with the D&D 5e ruleset. Edit: Oh and height is much more of a thing, pushing NPCs off ledges occasionally, puzzles with how to move some things ..


I liked DOS, and I got DOS2 but could never finish it.  It's not an RPG ... it's a puzzle game.  Let me explain.  Each and every area you go into is a puzzle to see how you can get your party, with one or two teleport objects, from point A to point B.  Every area.  Even to the point where the maps really don't make any sense anymore as far as being realistic.  You look at a map and say to yourself "This is not some random ruin, it's an intentional puzzle to see how clever I am with teleporters".  It's a puzzle game.  Not a bad puzzle game, but a puzzle game none the less.  Don't get me wrong I like puzzle games (like Portal and such), but I didn't buy DOS2 to play puzzles.  I wanted an RPG.

So when I saw that Larian was making BG3 I was concerned.  I have watched a few play-throughs, and while there are puzzles, and clever ways to do things, so far what I've seen isn't nearly as bad as DOS2 was.  So anyway I'm hopeful it will actually be a RPG.

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