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Server Rebuild

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As you are all probably aware by now, this site has been having some issues over the last couple of days. At some point late Sunday, the system of its own accord decided to try and upgrade the MySQL package, which is one portion of the requirements to run the IPB software, and our tracker software. This attempt to upgrade failed and left the server in a dead state. I attempted to bring it back online by forcing the server to complete an update to the latest version of the OS that it somehow had decided to initiate on its own. That got things back in working order except for the waking up each day to find the system had locked itself up entirely overnight and was unresponsive from that point forward until I could log in to Linode and reboot it there.

So it was time to do a full system reinstall to clean up the mess. As one might expect with all things linux, this wasn't an entirely smooth process. Suffice it to say that due to one more additional issue, the database download I had done just prior to the rebuild yesterday was corrupt. So I had to restore the one from the regular Sunday afternoon backups. This means the site has lost 2 days worth of posts, uploads, gallery content, etc. I apologize for the inconvenience, but losing 2 days was preferable to losing everything.

Things may not be back to 100% yet but they seem to be for now. As part of the process I took the opportunity to give Oracle the finger and am running the site on MariaDB instead, along with a switch from Apache to Nginx which I probably never mentioned before now :P

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I know how it is, because today I discover something I wasn't aware of and that had to do with my current host.

So, I need to contact their support, nice and friendly people, and ask this or that just to understand why it is just what I notice today.

Anyway, thanks for your hard work Arthmoor. :horkercookie:

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