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Folding to help fight the pandemic

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With most people being home, we could get some serious progress on this if everyone contributed (not all will as some will legitimately need the resources for work).

Ideally, the supercomputers and quantum computers would also get involved but I don't think their operators will be willing to sacrifice those resources.

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PS .. There is another client people can use if they prefer ..

Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing - BOINC  - https://boinc.berkeley.edu/

I think it supports more projects than Folding At Home

(or at least you seem to be able to target specific projects easier, for use of your computers time)


BOe8C4C.png 3IM2Bvo.png


Rosetta news recently https://boinc.bakerlab.org/rosetta/forum_thread.php?id=13533


"We are happy to report that the Rosetta molecular modeling suite was recently used to accurately predict the atomic-scale structure of an important coronavirus protein weeks before it could be measured in the lab. Knowledge gained from studying this viral protein is now being used to guide the design of novel vaccines and antiviral drugs."

Since the release of SARS-CoV-2 genome sequences in late January, a number of important corona virus proteins like the one described above have been modeled on R@h volunteer computers. A list of these proteins is provided by the Seattle Structural Genomics Center for Infectious Disease (SSGCID).

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So glad you got me back into this, most of the jobs I am receiving in the BOINC data files from Rosetta@home have Covid in the title. I remember last time I was running the client what jobs your machine got were a bit random from quite a few different related projects to Rosetta, and out of the ten downloaded at any one time maybe 2 or 3 were specifically for research I wanted to happen.

Over the last few days 8 out of those ten downloaded (roughly ten per day, depending on how you have the settings for processor time and when it can work) have been Covid-19 jobs, which is good to see. I think my machine has uploaded 32 completed Covid jobs so far, its chomping away using 7 of my 12 CPU cores, and the GPU, on more right now which downloaded last night :) ...



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Great! I'm still trying to get the clients set up on my end. I've run into some issues with the clients so I need to sort them out (they caused my mouse to drop out when I started running them the other day, for example). Hopefully I can get them set up soon so I can contribute directly. :)

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I noticed on the first day I installed BOINC it had some kind of issue showing up in the BOINC Managers event log, it seemed to be having trouble finishing some projects and accessing files.

By default it installs to C:\Program files\BOINC\, and stores its data in C:\Programdata\BOINCData\

I uninstalled it, then re-installed but changed the path of installation to be outside of program files .. Its been happily finishing and uploading all those completed jobs since then (mostly while I am asleep / AFK and not playing No Man's Sky).


Anyone without a second drive could just install it on the C:\ drive, but in a dedicated BOINC folder instead of Program files .. Its Wrye Bash again :)

Maybe an admin rights issue on win 10 in the default installation that the client devs have not anticipated .. Could be the same for Folding@home client.

Edit : Screen Saver can also be a bit fiddly, the options for it on Win 10 are Settings, Personalisation, Lock Screen .. Then scroll down for links to Screen time out and Screen saver settings. I set the machine Screen Timeout to never time out, and the screen saver you need to go into its own settings.



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Just found out how to link an image in your signature to a website using BBCode

Note you have to type in URLs on this website signature editing so that it does not automatically make a link :

The format is basicly the following without spaces and insert appropriate url addresses :

[ url = address of the website a click of the image takes you to ] [ img ] followed by the url of the image [ / img ] [ / url ]

This site (AFK Mods) also does not seem to like it in posts, so see my signature for the result (it only shows for logged in users unfortunately). I guess it depends on site software used.

Advertises anything you think important. Some websites might take offense to how this idea is used, but I am sure for something as important as promoting open source research should be allowed in your signatures.

Tip: Dont choose massive images (think of the bandwidth you are sort of stealing from the site the image is sourced / shown from, if it goes over the top with thousands of users pulling the same image from many different sites - The source site will just delete the resource being used. The bigger the image also means more bandwidth used by all who copy the idea and source)


Source of image for my signature link https://boinc.berkeley.edu/logo.php

That site page was made specifically for sharing BOINC Banner images to spread the word of the project.

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Anyone with a Distributed network client seemingly out of work today, have a read here ..


.. More project jobs are incoming, right now it seems they have acquired too many people joining to give everyone a job :)

And this post ..


.. for more information.

Glad all my Covid-19 jobs completed anyway.

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