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Fixes Recommended in Addition to the UFO4P


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Fixes Recommended in Addition to the UFO4P

Weird Mattress Fix - Corrects a bug introduced by Buffout that generates an extra mattress in the workshop menus that isn't supposed to be there.
Bullet Counted Reload System - Fixes an engine issue that causes reload animations to display more bullets than the guns actually need to reload. This requires F4SE in order to accomplish this and there is no suitable alternative that can be done without it.

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UFO4P guys, there is a Community Fixes Merged mod on Nexus. Last update was only two days ago.

The author has UFO4P as a requirement, and has merged community fixes which are not subjective, have open permissions, and he/she has removed from them anything already fixed by UFO4P.

Is this mod a contender for "Fixes Recommended in Addition to UFO4P" ?


This mod also has a patch file in case you also want to use Weapon Mod Fixes


There is also a fix for the really bad loading times of the GOG Fallout 4 GOTY, called High FPS Physics Fix


If you use it, be sure to edit the installed ini file, and set the FPS caps (otherwise it runs the game at whatever max FPS your machine can achieve and can cause overheating). I used 60 which is plenty fast enough, but also note ...

  • Set InGameFPS to a value you want the game FPS to be locked to
  • If you set InGameFPS to a value higher than 60:
    • Set DynamicUpdateBudget to true
    • Set BudgetMaxFPS to the same value as InGameFPS

I'm using it right now because the loading times when typically going outside a building were very annoying, it works really well.

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