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Can't make reports on afktrack so i post here.

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Sorry but i see no buttons or anything to make new tickets, i posted about my problem already several weeks ago, got no answer.


*- Kent's path is still stuck in Medford hospital (have to push him)



*- Dr Weather's mercenary still naked


*- Hangman's Alley raiders bodies still not disappearing

*- Curie romance final dialogue can still only be triggered 1 time - ever -  meaning if you miss it you will never get access again. Seems it's a bug in the dialog dynamics (not intended).

*- "Brown face" & "level action rifle reloading" (there's fixesmods around for these tho)

*- The First Step -quest did not start because i did not started minutemen quest immediately but much later in the game. I had to "take" the related TenPines Bluff settlement manually (killing unique no-name settlers & resurrect+allowmove+reclycleactor console) because it was nearly impossible to get a radiant quest for it from Preston or Radio Freedom - late in game == level ~70+.

*- I tried to intimidate some NPCs to change their Clothes & Weapons, it worked but i noticed that i can only do it 1 time - ever- . Any way to refresh this ?  I will try to move them to another settlement and bring them back.


Better than not sharing it

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According to the site data you haven't validated the account yet. You should have a validation email in your inbox somewhere, but you may also need to check your spam box as well.

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Thanks you and sorry ! So weird, why i didn't see this ?

Have a nice day.

/e Done, made some beautiful tickets for your guys :lol:

Not sure if "The First Step" settlement issue / quest require one.



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