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Sunshine Tidings - preplaced corpses: Cleanup does not work

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Quote from Changelog: Preplaced bodies in the following settlements will now clean up properly once the player has taken them over: Croup Manor, Kingsport Lighthouse, Sunshine Tidings, Taffington Boathouse, National Park Visitor Center. (Bug #20215)

Does not work with 2.0.8 on PC in Sunshine Tidings. Bodies of killed Ghouls are cleaned up fine, but in every house including the big barn with the terminal a Ghoul body remains, which is preplaced. In one house a Settler body too remains. One house is barred and can only be entered by the collapsed back side, and this may be outside of the workshop area, but all the other bodies are clearly inside. Many days have passed since I have this settlement, so it is not a question of time, I think.

One Ghoul body even 'survived' the scrapping of the table it lay on and now floats, please see the screenshots attached. I also have Taffington Boathouse, there is only one body of the dead woman in the house and the dead cows outside, they seem to clean up fine. But while fighting the insects at Taffington two of them where transformed to the usual red glowing dust, and these two persist. Since they are both outside it is not too bad.

The other settlements I do not yet have.



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