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Railroad: Jackpot Missions - possible bug?

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this is now my third or fourth time playing this - and I still did not learn how to do it :)

This time I received the Mission Jackpot: Hub 360 first from PAM. And going from memory I climbed up to the Skybridge, entered the 'Ruined Skyscraper' (Pinnacle Highrise), used elevators and complained about the quest markers, which always seemed to point the wrong way. But they do this from time to time, and - from memory - I found a Jackpot location, it opened, and the quest was done. So far, so good...

After several other missions PAM again wanted a Jackpot Mission: Jackpot: Hub 360. Argh. I saved and run up to the location which I thought to be Hub 360 - and it was open. I feared to have run into a bug, and since it was already open, it did not register. These Jackpot locations respawn items after a while, but they work only once for the quest.

So I did a few other things (before PAM gave the 2nd Jackpot Mission) and this time she gave me the Jackpot: Medford Memorial. So I did this - and a few other things, and now I receive the 3rd and last Jackpot. Jackpot: Hub 360. And this time it will not change. Why? Because after thinking a while and checking the Wiki I found out, the I never visited the Jackpot: Hub 360 location, not in this game!! I just checked, from a save before the 3d Jackpot Mission. This time (with instructions) I found the correct Jackpot: Hub 360 location, it is still closed, despite the fact, that the quest is marked as long done! My fault to visit Jackpot: Pinnacle Highrise instead of Hub 360. But ...

And here is the possible bug: Obviously you can open every Jackpot location with the RFID card, as long as you carry it. The quest works, but if you have the wrong location, there is confusion. I do not know if this always was so (I suspect it). But it is also a bug, because this would also work in Medford Memorial, which is completely different. And obviously the game registers, if you visit the wrong location. And it marks the correct quest as 'done', and then gives the same quest (to the correct location) again. But it does not tell. No idea if something can be done...

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