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A minor inconsistency, present in the original game and never changed by any version of Unofficial Skyrim Patch:

Blades Sword requires Steel Ingot to temper, and benefits from Steel Smithing perk.

The five pieces of Blades Armor (armor, boots, helmet, gauntlets, shield) all require Steel Ingot to temper, but do not benefit from any perk.

Since you were willing to change things for the sake of consistency by reducing the strength of the armor (from ebony-equivalent to dwarven-equivalent) because all the other pieces were dwarven-equivalent in strength, perhaps a little look from the "consistency" angle would be worthwhile here? Either ALL of the Blades stuff (5 armor pieces AND the weapon) should benefit from Steel Smithing perk, or none of them should. Personally I'd vote for "all" rather than "none", otherwise Blades armor is strictly inferior to Dwarven, and possibly even inferior to steel (since tempered steel with perk, is better than tempered blades without perk.) Even with the perk, it's no better than Dwarven except that it requires one fewer perk point.

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You already posted this on Nexus, but for the benefit of those who don't read that forum:

Bethesda addressed this in Patch 1.9 for LE, and those edits carried over into SSE by default. Blades armor DOES benefit from perks and I've seen nothing to indicate otherwise.

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