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IPB Update

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We have updated the site to the new IPB 4.4.2 release. Everything appears to be working smoothly but as always, who knows what may happen with these. Please report any oddities you encounter as they may be related.

One thing to note. If you were using Gravatar to handle your profile's avatar, IPB has taken this feature out. You will need to upload your own pic directly instead. No logical reason was given for this change but there it is.

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  • 4 weeks later...

First I've heard of any insecurity with it. In what way is it supposed to be insecure? And if it's just a privacy issue for individual users, why take the option away from everyone across the board instead of letting people choose like before?

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  • 9 months later...

Interesting article, but I'm not sure the level of concern they had over it was warranted. I've just done a search for my own hash and it only comes up with either Nexus or Linode in the results but there are at least 2 other public places that hash should be visible and it's not. Both sites are indexable by bots so it's not because I found some special loophole to plug.

That said, it's not a huge deal that IPB dropped support, I just think it would have been nice if they'd left it in place and simply provided a warning about possible issues with it.

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