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Werewolf double/triple attack BUG

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Hello there,

First of all, English is not my native language, so bare with me.


I have recently discovered a game breaking bug related to Werewolves and Werebears (for players and NPCs), more specifically the Attack Events that the "WerewolfBeastRace" is using.

I was testing some werewolf self-made perks and I have noticed that sometimes my werewolf was doing insane amounts of damage for no logical reason, so I decided to investigate further...

Using the Damage Notify ( https://www.nexusmod...yrim/mods/36823 ) and Floating Damage ( https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/87895 ) I have noticed that this bug comes in two shapes in two different occasions:

1. When moving in any direction and using a regular Left or Right claw attack (not dual, not power attack) and stopping from moving exactly at the same time when your claws hit your target, they will take the damage two times instead of only once (see screenshots).

The attack sound will also play two times. Same for NPC werebears and I'm 100% sure that this applies for NPC werewolves, but I haven't tested it yet.

2. When sprinting and attacking using Left or Right claw attack, 80% of the time, you will deal the damage 2 or 3 times instead of only one time. Also, as above, the impact sound will play multiple times.


I have also tested this with a newly installed Skyrim without any mods or .ini files modifications, so it has always been there.

So after extensive tests I have narrowed the problem down to the next AttackEvents types:  attackStartLeft, AttackStartLeftSide, AttackStartLeftSprinting, attackStartRight, AttackStartRightSide and AttackStartRightSprinting.

The power attacks, regular left or right claw standing attacks and dual attacks of all kinds are not affected by this bug.

I think if your claws strike at the same time you stop from moving, the game detects that your character is both standing still and moving at the same time so it uses two Attack Events instead of one.

I have tried to fix it in Tes5Edit, but without any luck. If I will find a solution I will upload a fix on the Nexus, until then I would appreciate any help in solving this.



Regular moving and stopping attack ss: https://ibb.co/hM9UCU

Sprinting attack ss: https://ibb.co/dpnue9

Examples in Tes5Edit: https://ibb.co/fSjJ6p

Even though DamageNotify says they are power attacks, in fact they are not flagged as power attacks and they do not consume any stamina therefore, they are regular attacks.


Thank you,

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