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I Have been trying to use loot it help with plugins but still don't know what I'm doing. It says I have 6 dirty plugins but don't know which ones.


Screenshot (1).png

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The buff yellow coloured bar are telling you which ones have ITMs and Deleted References, those are dirty edits

Brief History : Bethesda games have a Creation Kit used to make mods, Bethesda use the same software to make their own DLC additions to the base game (in Fallout 4 case thats DLCRobot / DLCWorkshop etc .. 6 of them). The CK is buggy, and randomly creates additional records which are not required to be in the plugins (dirty edits), which are best removed.

If you want to Clean them of Dirty Edits, you will need to use FO4Edit

FIRST : Make a backup copy of your original game DLC .esm's, then if a new version of FO4Edit comes along, and you need to reclean from scratch, you can easily re-install the original esm's (or you could just use the steam "Verify Cache" which will re-install original game files again overwriting your cleaned ones, something to remember in case you do this and forget about the cleaning you did previously .. Then you will need to clean them again, so making backups of your cleaned plugins may be worth doing too once you have done them)

FO4Edit <- Download it from here.

Extract the zip somewhere on your Hard Drive.

1. Look in the extracted folder, double click FO4Edit.exe

2. Right click the Plugin Selection Dialogue and select NONE

3. Then put a tick in the box of the plugin to clean, working from the top down (So if you have your Load Order correct, you should be starting with a tick on DLCRobot.esm)

4. Click OK

5. Wait for finished loading message to appear in the messages window

6. Right Click the DLCRobot.esm in the left hand window, and choose "Apply Filter for Cleaning"

7. Once filtering has finished (wait for message in message window) ..

8. Right click DLCRobot.esm again and choose "Remove Identical to Master records"

9. Click "Yes I am absolutely sure"

10. Wait for message "[Removing "Identical to Master" records done]"

11. Right click DLCRobot.esm again and choose "Undelete and Disable References" (otherwise know as Cleaning UDRs)

12. Wait for message "[Undeleting and Disabling References done]" (and dont worry about any <Warnings> after this message)

Now close FO4Edit, and it will ask you to save the plugin - This save overwrites your original esm


Now go back to step 1 above, and repeat the procedure for the next plugin which needs cleaning in your load order, DLCWorkshop01.esm ..

And then also for DLCCoast.esm

And then also for DLCWorkshop02.esm ..

And repeat until all dirty DLC plugins are cleaned

Its easier once you have done it a few times, but you will probably take half hour to do them all first time around, and then will appreciate why backing up the plugins to start with is a good idea.


Thats all there is to it :) - The above procedure is known as "Automatic cleaning" of master files (though it feels like you have done a lot of manual steps, all of the actual cleaning was automated)

I have an installer zip which I make out of original plugins, and cleaned plugins, so that I can get Wrye Bash to install any particular bunch of original or cleaned masters.

There is also a guide on this forum for Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition if you want to clean those too (should you have those games)

After the above procedure is done correctly, LOOT will not give you anymore notifications for those plugins that have been cleaned

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