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Not able to post bug report


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Given the extent I'm having to go through to just report a bug I'm not even going to bother posting it because this is absolutely ridiculous.

Solitude's Castle Dours are all misspelled.

Dour -
1) stern, harsh
2) obstinate, unyielding
3) gloomy, sullen

First Known Use: 14th century

I believe this applies to the Legendary Patch as well. Been awhile since I was in Solitude.


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20 minutes to receive is pretty standard these days given how much anti-spam filtering all sides of an email being sent are doing these days.

We use the bug tracker because it's the best way to keep things organized and able to be found again later when it comes time to do a run of fixes and cut a release. If we stuck to just forum posts they'd all get lost, nothing would get done, and people would just get mad.

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