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New XBox Update with Survival Mode

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I went to the xbox one today and it updated to include the Creation Club. It also installed Survival mode or parts of it or something. I have Campfires, and now I can no longer harvest wood for a campfire. My character is at Autumn Watch Tower and when clicking on resources and then harvest wood, it tells me there are no trees in the area. I have no yet updated the USSEP patch and this is happened.

Then I decided to update the patch, and still I cannot harvest wood. How does one play without this survival mode? I did not click on it, I do not have it installed, and I do not want to use it for I use Campfires and now it is not working right. Neither will Frostfall and Wet and Cold.

Can this be fixed, or do I have to use Survival mode?

Here is a link to the mods that are presently being affected by the console update, NOT by USSEP


Please advise


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