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Is it possible to revert Sanguine's quest bug fix?

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The Unofficial Patch deals with some of the issues I had in the game (like for example it fixes some NPCs not headtracking me), but I really want to revert the fix of this bug:


I like being married to Sanguine or having him as follower (mainly because of his cool looking Daedric Lord Armor and the pleasure of having a Daedric Prince cooking meals for me and professing his love) and with this fix he just disappears from the house.

I thought just enabling him via the console would return him and while it does, it returns him without any clothes and Daedric Lord Armor is absent from his inventory.

I tried to sift through the patch in the Creation Kit to change this myself, but I don't know where exactly to look. I looked at DA14 (quest) and DA14Sanguine in the CK and I can't find if anything is changed in there, but I'm still new to the Creation Kit so maybe I'm missing something.

Could anyone offer me some guidance as to where to look or straight up how to reverse this particular fix?

Not sure if relevant, but here's the list of my patches/mods

https://modwat.ch/u/OdeToJoy/plugins (textplugin is a plugin where I change Sanguine's voice, don't really like his standard DrunkMale voiceType)

Thx in advance.

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