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ERSO Problem

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I started a new game today and included Even Better Quest Objectives (EBQO) in with the LO

Outside of Whiterun, a female NPC orc named Arob was standing on the road. One could click on her but no dialogue showed although she did mention she sold poisons. She is from the orc stronghold of Dushnikh Yah


Here is a link to a picture of her outside of Whiterun on the way to kill the first dragon at the Watchtower   ---   http://imgur.com/A4cxvm7

After I disabled EBQO she was no longer there.

Here is my LO, although EBQO is disabled   ---   https://www.dropbox.com/s/7panazwcxyhshil/Breton LO.docx?dl=0

Just thought I would let someone know.


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