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Rare gifts quest from Torbjorn

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Hi the authors of USSEP,

I'm recently taking the quests in Windhelm. Accoring to UESP, Torbjorn should provide a Rara gifts quest. However, he doesn't offer it at all.

I did some examine and finally found it is deemed to be a fixed bug by USSEP since I already killed Nilsine in Dark Brotherhood quest.

I did want to do that quest. I tried to disable USSEP but it didn't work.

I checked the scripts of USSEP regarding this bugfix.


So I tried to write a small trigger but it didn't work.


Can someone help me with this problem?

I really don't want to load my previous save since it has been 20+ hours.

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This quest relies on a couple of things;

1. No other favor quest is active in your journal

2. His wife Tova is alive.

Since you've killed Nilsine, Tova has already committed suicide. Meaning, you won't get his quest.

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