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Cloudflare Security Issue - aka "Cloudbleed"

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There's a serious security issue out right now for sites using Cloudflare. It covers a number of places, probably way more than most of us would be comfortable with.

I want to make it clear that at AFK Mods, we do *NOT* use Cloudflare, but some community sites we all visit might, such as Reddit and Nexus (Darkone says they don't, but they do use the DNS service, so IMO caution is still warranted).

Cloudflare has fixed the issue so if you have an account on an affected site you should change your password ASAP. If you need to check a site you're not sure about, a handy link has sprung up to check with: http://www.doesitusecloudflare.com/

Bethesda's old forum at forums.bethsoft.com ARE affected, as is the Creation Kit wiki site.

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