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Ancient Nord Armor mesh issue

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This issue was reported in the bugtracker (FS#21625: Clipping Bug on Ancient Nord Armor) and was closed due to "cannot reproduce".  I've been able to reproduce the issue and have requested a re-open of the bugtracker task, for reasons I'll belabor here.

The report was for an observation of the issue on the XBox One platform for Skyrim SE: Vanilla, and was apparently only checked against Skyrim LE on the PC, not SE.  To my knowledge, this may be a recurrence of FS#12444 - 1stpersondraugrarmormale_0.nif missing parts, and thus presumably already fixed in USLEEP.

I can confirm this is reproducible for Skyrim SE 1.4 ( with USSEP 4.0.5 installed (along with Run For Your Lives and When Vampires Attack).  This is USSEP installed from Bethesda.net (i.e. via the in-game mod browser) and it is before RFYL and WVA in mod order.

If memory serves, this issue only occurred for males wearing the Ancient Nord Armor (or Ahzidal's Armor of Retribution, same model).  I was under the impression that the issue only was perceived when wielding 2H weapons, but it may just only be more pronounced; in reproducing the issue I've seen it affect a 1H unsheath animation as well (Ghostblade).

Attached are a few screenshots showing the issue when swinging Volendrung (2H) and unsheathing Ghostblade (1H) as well as blocking with Volendrung.  Ahzidal's Armor of Retribution is the offender here, on an orc (otherwise wearing orcish helm, gauntlets, boots).

Hopefully this can finally be addressed (again?) if it's a solvable issue (which I presume it was for non-SE Skyrim). 


swinging Volendrung


unsheathing Ghostblade


blocking with Volendrung

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The thing that concerns me is I see two issues;

1; the gap in the wrists, which also occurs with the vanilla meshes in our tests

2; the polysplosion, which we didn't see in our tests but didn't change the weights

It's possible the meshes didn't respond well to the conversion process.

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I've reweighted the 1stperson meshes and believe I've fixed. The issue was found in both LE and SE. Initial tests look good and the new meshes will be in the next patch update.

This also includes female, as it had the same issue.

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